Allograft Safety


Packaging is a vital step in the GraftShield™ process. The following information provides more details on our packaging.

To learn more about the various certifications of Bone Bank Allografts and Texas Human Biologics, please click here.

Sterile Packaging

SteriGraft™ bone and soft tissue allografts are packaged with extreme care to preserve the validated sterile nature of the tissue. Packaging steps are cautiously taken to ensure that our allografts arrive to the end user in a manner that promises the highest patient safety and allograft quality.

The following details outline our packaging advantages:

  • Double Tyvek pouches and easy to read labeling
  • Outer package which provides a durable moisture barrier designed to accommodate both ultra-low and ambient temperature storage
  • Sterile inner pouch designed for easy delivery to the sterile field
  • Terminal sterilization of product in its final packaging
  • Validated three year expiration dating
  • Included product insert which provides details regarding donor screening, testing and tissue processing
  • Transplant record and multiple tissue ID barcode labels for operating room staff
  • SteriGraft™ box which includes easy to read, corresponding tissue ID barcode label and allows for convenient storage