Fascia Lata, Soft Tissue Allografts

SteriGraft™ – Fascia Lata

Product CodeDescriptionSize & Measurements
701Fascia Lata
40 x 60 mm
W = 40mm, L = 60mm
702Fascia Lata
50 x 80 mm
W = 50 mm, L = 80 mm
703Fascia Lata,
60 x 100 mm
W = 60 mm, L = 100 mm
704Fascia Lata,
70 x >150 mm
W = 70 mm, L ≥ 150 mm

Source: Lateral surface of the thigh

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

Measurement Description:
Fascia may or may not include the iliotibial bands. The width (W) will be perpendicular to the grain, and the length (L) will be taken along the grain.

Common Surgical Applications: Ligament reconstruction, repair of craniotomy and dural defects, eye lid repair, or bladder suspension

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fascia lata drawing