Patients Information

Your surgeon has suggested using a SteriGraft® allograft in your upcoming surgery. We believe this is an excellent decision. This web page explains the advantages of a SteriGraft® allograft for your care and well-being. We wish you the best with your surgery.

If you are a candidate for surgery using bone allografts, insist on SteriGraft® for the utmost in quality and patient safety. Print the brochure at the bottom of this page and tell your healthcare provider this is your preference. You DO have a choice in your own care!

The Allograft Advantage

An allograft is transplantable tissue that comes from a human donor. This tissue is processed and sterilized, then used in grafting surgeries to repair damaged bones or ligaments.

Conversely, an autograft is tissue which is harvested from the patient’s own body and then transplanted into the area needing repair. A surgery utilizing an allograft may be faster and safer than using an autograft from the patient’s own body. Autograft surgery actually involves two procedures – harvesting a piece of your own tendon or bone from one area then transplanting it into another area. This means you may be under anesthesia for a longer period of time, which is a greater risk to you. Additionally, when autografting, there are possible risks associated with the donor site as well as the transplant site. The donor site may result in weakness (because a small portion of your tissue has been permanently removed), infection, extended pain, and/or additional scarring.

Other grafting options include synthetic or metal materials. The SteriGraft® allografts offer an alternative to these materials which do not foster the growth of new bone the way actual bone does. Transplanted human tissue facilitates and promotes the tissue regeneration process. Once transplanted, a bone allograft will gradually break down, allowing your body to rebuild and remodel it until it is completely incorporated into your own tissue.

Patient Safety is a Primary Focus with SteriGraft®

Honoring Donors

Be assured that we have worked very hard to provide the safest and highest quality allograft
tissue available for your upcoming surgery. We should not forget the reason these tissue grafts are available for you and others. This allograft is available because a donor and donor family made the decision to make a very generous donation. This gracious gift should not be overlooked.

Many allograft recipients show their appreciation for the gift they have received by signing their own donor card, encouraging their family to do the same, and by becoming active in donation groups and causes. Even though one donor can touch the lives of over 40 other people, the need for life changing and saving tissues and organs still exceeds the amount provided by donors. Consider becoming a donor hero!

Have more questions? Feel free to contact Bone Bank Allografts, the distributor of the SteriGraft® product line at (800) 397-0088.