Dental Bone Powder, Traditional Bone Allografts

SteriGraft™ – Dental Bone Powder

Product CodeDescriptionVolume
4M25050Mineralized Cortical Bone Powder0.5 cc
4M25100Mineralized Cortical Bone Powder1.0 cc
4M25250Mineralized Cortical Bone Powder2.5 cc
4M25500Mineralized Cortical Bone Powder5 cc
Product CodeDescriptionVolume
5M25050Mineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder0.5 cc
5M25100Mineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder1.0 cc
5M25250Mineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder2.5 cc
5M25500Mineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder5 cc
Product CodeDescriptionVolume
6M25050Demineralized Cortical Bone Powder0.5 cc
6M25100Demineralized Cortical Bone Powder1.0 cc
6M25250Demineralized Cortical Bone Powder2.5 cc
6M25500Demineralized Cortical Bone Powder5 cc
Product CodeDescriptionVolume
8M25050Demineralized Cancellous Bone Powder0.5 cc
8M25100Demineralized Cancellous Bone Powder1.0 cc
8M25250Demineralized Cancellous Bone Powder2.5 cc
8M25500Demineralized Cancellous Bone Powder5 cc
Product CodeDescriptionVolume
7M25050Demineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder0.5 cc
7M25100Demineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder1.0 cc
7M25250Demineralized Cort/Canc Bone Powder2.5 cc

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature

Common Surgical Applications: Bone grafting applications in dental procedures

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