Confirm™ Bioactive Bone Graft

Confirm™ Bioactive Bone Graft

Part No.DescriptionSize
8114.0102SConfirm™ Gel, 2cc2cc
8114.0105SConfirm™ Gel, 5cc5cc
8114.0110SConfirm™ Gel, 10cc10cc
8114.0202SConfirm™ Crunch, 2cc2cc
8114.0205SConfirm™ Crunch, 5cc5cc
8114.0210SConfirm™ Crunch, 10cc10cc

Description: Confirm™ is an osteostimulative and osteoconductive bioactive bone void filler available in two different forms–gel and crunch.

Ease of Use: Confirm™ does not require special handling procedures prior to use. Confirm™ implants must be combined with autogenous graft material and bone marrow aspirate (BMA) in the following product:autograft:BMA ratios: Gel 3:1:1 and Crunch 10:2:1.

Storage: Confirm™ Bioactive is temperature sensitive and must be stored at room temperature (15°C-30°C; 59°F-86°F) in a clean, dry place. This product is stable at room temperature; no refrigeration or freezing is required.

Surgeon Brochure The Confirm™ Bioactive surgeon brochure is located here.