Liquid Amnion

Amnios™ Cryopreserved Liquid Amnion

Amnios™ is a cryopreserved allograft derived from human amniotic fluid

Product CodeDescriptionSize
930Amnios™ Cryopreserved Liquid Amnion 0.5 ml
931Amnios™ Cryopreserved Liquid Amnion 1.0 ml
932Amnios™ Cryopreserved Liquid Amnion 1.25 ml
933Amnios™ Cryopreserved Liquid Amnion 2.0 ml

Amnios™ RT Acellular Liquid Amnion

Amnios™ RT is an acellular ambient temperature liquid amnion derived from human amniotic fluid

Product CodeDescriptionSize
930-RTAmnios™ Acellular Liquid Amnion 0.5 ml
931-RTAmnios™ Acellular Liquid Amnion 1.0 ml
933-RTAmnios™ Acellular Liquid Amnion 2.0 ml

Benefits of amniotic fluid may include:

  • A safe, natural covering for wounds
  • Intended for topical application as a covering over wounds.
  • Birth tissues are recovered during planned Cesarean sections and processed aseptically in a manner to preserve the graft’s inherent properties.

* References on file with Bone Bank Allografts

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